Hotfix for "Design view does not update HTML" and to "Designer inserts a lot of  "

Hotfix for "Design view does not update HTML" and to "Designer inserts a lot of  "

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A hotfix is now available for issues most commonly described as "I make changes in Design view but Source does not get updated" and "After certain actions designer inserts a lot of   in the page".


This hotfix can be downloaded from:


Please do not be surprised that update is named Office2007-xxxxx since designer (aka Microsoft Visual Studio Web Authoring Component) uses Office 2007 components, similar to Expression Web and SharePoint Designer 2007 and hence update comes as Office 2007 update.

The update addresses the following Connect bugs: DropDownList ListItem Collection Editor doesn't save changes to aspx source file when DropDownList is inside a container Changes in design view not sychronized to source view in VS2008 SP1 Edit template in design mode adds many " " strings HTML Markup in ASP.NET Web Designer breaks if <asp:Literal> is used in <head> tag HTML (Source code) not updating to match Design view No Property Serialization When Control is within an Editable Designer Region VISUAL STUDIO 2008 SP 1 still has HTML editor bug where it corrupts aspx/html code.

As well as issues with DevExpress controls not persisting changes to HTML and various related issues reported in forums.

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  • Any news on this issue?

    Or has the work on this item stopped because VS2010 will be released soon?

    Who cares about hotfixes when people are supposed to buy a new version (such a hotfix does not bring any money, the new version does - sorry for being a little sarcastic...)

  • Before they took it down, I got the last version, and it seems to work.  I'm kind of worried now that there was another problem, and that's why it's been removed again.  Any info, MS?

  • The links have been updated to point to the correct download page.

    Thank you.

  • Friends there is a simple solution for this...for those hot fix didnt work

    Remove all spaces and carriage returns with in the control. Problem will be solved

    for eg: if your control is like





    Solution is to make the mark up as following


    Let me know whether you are still facing this issue

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