VSDoc for jQuery 1.4.1 Now Available

VSDoc for jQuery 1.4.1 Now Available

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We finished generating a new VSDoc for the latest update of jQuery.  You can download it from the jQuery Downloads page.  A refresher on how to use the file can be found here or here.  Happy coding!

Jeff King
Program Manager
Visual Studio Web Tools

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  • Thanks, you guys are working really hard :)

  • Do you know if this will this be the version included in the final MVC2 release?

  • Any plans to create a VSDoc for Prototype? Or does anyone know of a 3rd party doing this?

  • @Johannes: We just checked this into the MVC2 release a few days ago.

  • experimenting Jquery..Curious to know what this is.

  • Way to Go, Jeff!  Thanks!

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