Hotfix for “Issue with Auto-Generated Designer Files not Adding Controls”

Hotfix for “Issue with Auto-Generated Designer Files not Adding Controls”

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A hotfix is now available for issues most commonly described as "Controls are not being recognized in the code-behind" and "Editing existing .aspx regenerates .aspx.designer.(cs), but most of the controls are now missing”. These issues were seen in Visual Studio 2010 RC release.

This hotfix can be downloaded from:

The update addresses the following Connect bugs:

If you continue to experience these types of issues after applying this fix; please let us know immediately.  You can send these issues directly to the Web Development Tools team via a DL we have setup for direct feedback on anything web development related for this RC.  The DL is:

We hope this helps,
- Mayuri Diwan and Nichole Baker
- Web Development Tools

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  • Perfect thank you very much!!! Now I can do some testing. Really Really appreciate this patch!

  • I have now installed the hotfix (along with the two previous hotfixes) and I can confirm that, so far, the functionality has been restored and the web forms designer is now adding the embedded controls to the .designer.cs correctly.


  • We have installed the .designer file fix and are still seeing the issue with the designer files not generating correctly. Just today I added SkinID attributes to some buttons and now 6 of my pages designer files are missing half their controls.

    Some of the pages are using the ajaxcontrol toolkit. Has anyone else applied this patch and is still experiencing this issue?

  • Hey Rob,

    I have tried to reproduce this scenario and could not get the issue you describe to occur on our end. Did this issue occur after adding the SkinId attribute to an existing control (one added before apply the patch)?  

    Could you try and regenerate the designer file and see if  you still see this. The way to do this is:-

    1)    Delete the designer file of the page where you see this issue

    2)    Select the page in solution explorer

    3)    Right-click on it and select "Convert to Web Application" to regenerate the designer file.

    If you still see this issue I would like to debug this further to help solve this. Could you share the page (and possibly the project) that is encountering this issue? You can send it to us at

  • I tried deleting the designer file and regenerating it using the "Convert to Web Application" method mentioned above, but with the same error.

    I am going to try and strip it down to something that I can send shortly.



  • I think I found the issue, it appears that the designer file will fail to generate completely if it encounters an error in the markup.

    Some of the buttons already had a SkinID applied, so they were throwing an exception:

    The tag contains duplicate 'SkinId' attributes.

    It would be good if something could be done to make this more obvious.

    Thanks for your help.

  • The LInk is died. Please reup link. Thank you very much.

  • Seriously... a dead link to a hotfix? Damn i need to switch technologies

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