Visual Web Developer 2010 Express has Arrived!

Visual Web Developer 2010 Express has Arrived!

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Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express is a free and robust development environment for building, testing and deploying Web applications across the Microsoft Web Platform including ASP.Net, Internet Information Services and SQL Server. Unleash your creativity with powerful design surfaces for building standards-based Web applications and services.

With Visual Web Developer 2010 Express, you can work with Web Standards, JavaScript and ASP.NET. Work within a personalized environment, targeting established and emerging web technologies, including rich internet applications based on AJAX or Silverlight, cloud and web services. Integrated debugging tools let you find and fix bugs quickly and easily to help ensure high quality solutions.

Visual Web Developer 2010 includes:

  • MVC 2
  • JQuery 1.4
  • Microsoft AJAX
  • Simplified Web Deployment
  • Dynamic IntelliSense for JavaScript
  • Snippets for HTML and ASPX files
  • Silverlight 3
  • Powerful Design Surface for Silverlight XAML
  • XAML Collaboration with Designers using Expression Blend
  • Multi-monitor support
  • ….

Learn more about Visual Studio and ASP.Net 4.0 go here.
The ASP.Net forum for Visual Studio 2010 is here.
You can get started now by downloading Visual web Developer 2010 Express here.

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  • @jamlew:  I download from (Version: 30319.157) , not able to install.

  • @Srini - it sounds like the server you're downloading from is still serving the old version of the file.  Did you check the file version of the downloaded file?  If it is the correct version, please email me at: jamlew (at) microsoft [dot] com

  • i have the same issue. the installer i downloaded is also having this issue. I have checked the version

    it is  30319.157. Plese help

  • Even i have the same issue.

    Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Web Developer Express 2010 or Visual Phone Developer Express 2010 that matches the language version of Silverlight Tools 4 must be installed before installation of Silverlight Tools can continue

    why is the language mismatch?

    what to do?

    Any help is appriciated....

  • @leo: the language mismatch refers to the language of Visual Studio you have installed compared to the language of Silverlight Tools you're installing.  If they are the same language, then the Silverlight installer thinks that the Visual Studio version is incorrect.  Do you have the RTM version of Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer installed (10.0.30319.1)?

  • @kailash: which version of Visual Studio do you have installed?  Does the error message match what Srini posted (specifying RC version) or what leo posted (implying RTM version)?

  • I have the RTM version, I get the same language error.

  • Hi. I am in Mexico. In all Latin America, there are lots of XP computers yet (WIndows 7 licences are not expensive for you guys, but think on a 6 dollars-a-day-minimum-salary environment). Have a couple of questions: As development plattform, as much as runtime plattform, is XP able to run nicely Visual Studio 2010,or not?

  • Hi Ivan,

    Yes, Visual Studio 2010 works fine as long as you have SP3 installed.


  • Is there a new version of Silverlight 4 Tools that I can install to my german VS2010? This 30319.157 thing doesn't work...

  • @Christoph I'm sorry you are blocked from using the tools on your German Visual Studio.  We are very near to releasing Silverlight 4 Tools for some localized editions of Visual Studio 2010. Please keep an eye open for announcements in the next few days.

  • I have Visual Web Developer 2008 Express with SQL Server 2005 Express installed on my machine.  Do I need to uninstall them before installing VWD 2010 or can I just go ahead and install?  Thanks.  Mitch

  • I have Visual Web Developer 2008 Express with SQL Server 2005 Express installed on my machine.  Do I need to uninstall them before installing VWD 2010 or can I just go ahead and install?  Thanks.  Mitch

  • Mitch, you can go ahead and install side by side with visual web developer 2008 express/sql 2005 express.  Enjoy.

  • How do I unistall vswd 2010 express??  I tried convential, windows uninstall cleaner, ccleaner, then finally reg cleaner.  I even tried reinstalling it and it fails.   The web platform installer shows it as already installed, so I can't reinstall it from there...   how do I clean it off my system?  I use vs 2008 enterprise and  2010 web and pro both caused problems, and I use vs 2008 for our company!

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