General Performance Improvements in VS2010 since Beta2

General Performance Improvements in VS2010 since Beta2

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When we released Beta2 in Oct 2009, there was a lot of customer excitement about the super cool features in VS 2010. However, one recurring complaint from customers was that the performance of VS 2010 was not on par with Orcas. Customers were experiencing general slowness in a lot of features that was hindering them with daily operations. We heard you all loud and clear. Since then our team has put in a lot of hard work to deliver a first class experience in Web Developement and have fixed a lot of performance issues seen in Beta2. The most notable ones are

1. Switching to Desiger from Editor

2. General Designer performance

3. Loading Toolbox

4. Command line msbuild

5. Build and Rebuild within IDE

6. Adding events by double-clicking controls in Designer

7. Load/ Close solution

8. Typing in HTML editor

We feel really happy to see our hard work payoff in the final release of VS 2010 and have been hearing a lot of positive feedback in these areas from customers as well.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of these improvements/ issues you have through blog comments, MSConnect Feedback System, or contact us through vsweb-AT-microsoft-DOT-com.


Ranjini Mathrubootham

Web Development Tools


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  • You need to un-"fix" the Add Reference Dialog box.

    Problems introduced by VS2010:

    1. No longer defaults to the (most often used) .NET tab.

    2. List of components is no longer sorted by default

    3. No actual performance improvement to loading the list of components.  Yes, it displays what it has, but because it builds the list on the fly, you have to wait, with no indication when it's finished loading the list.

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