Visual Studio 2010 support with SQL Server

Visual Studio 2010 support with SQL Server

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We’ve been getting a few questions by our users about Visual Studio 2010’s support for SQL Server versions.  So I thought it would be good to address them here (when one person asks a question, there are probably others thinking the same question.)

Visual Studio 2010 only supports SQL Server 2005+

Visual Studio 2010’s design time data tooling only supports SQL Server 2005 (including express editions) or later.  What this means is that you will not be able to connect through the Server/Database Explorer to any older versions of SQL Server or use any of the data design tools that require Visual Studio to connect to the database (LINQ designer, datasource wizard, table editing, etc.)  This does not mean that your ASP.NET pages will stop working; the .NET framework still supports older versions of SQL, so the runtime experience should not be affected.  This decision was made at the request of the SQL division since Mainstream support for SQL Server 2000 ended in 2008


Visual Studio 2010 full install upgrades SQL Server Express 2005 to 2008 SP1

Visual Studio 2010 will automatically upgrade your existing SQL Server Express 2005 to SQL Server Express 2008 if you choose the “Full” install option and you are on a x86 machine.  If you are on a 64-bit machine with SQL 2005, you will need to download and upgrade it manually.  If you do not want to upgrade your SQL Server Express 2005 instance to 2008, then you should choose “Custom” install and uncheck “Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Service Pack 1”. 

 VSCustomInstall VSUncheckSQL

SQL Server 2008 R2 is released

SQL Server 2008 R2 Express was released last week.  Please see the SQL Server Express blog for details on the updates to R2.  Visual Studio 2010 is compatible with SQL Server 2008 R2 so things should just work.  Note that Visual Studio 2010 does not install R2, so you will need to download it separately if you want to try it out.

Roger Wong | Visual Web Developer Team

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  • On some operating systems this requires one reboot followed by a login and automatic continued installation, on some it requires two reboots.

  • hi there,

    thanks for sharing this article. It really saves my days trying to solve the problem with my VS2010 tool and SQL 2000. I managed to upgrade it to SQL 2005 and I did not experience this error anymore.

    For those who requires to host their VS2010 (ASP.NET4.0 Framework) site, you can always go with ASPHostCentral ( They are truly an ASP.NET expert! Two thumbs up!

  • But unfortuately it seems, that Reporting Services Projects are not supported in VS2010. Neither from SQL2005, nor from SQL2008. I hope you plan to do this soon.

  • What about support for SSIS projects of any flavour? So far I have VS2010 installed for coding, VS2008 for SQL2008 SSIS projects and VS2005 for SQL2005 SSIS projects.

    If VS2010 can support both SQL2005 and SQL2008 database projects why do I need 3 versions of Visual Studio installed because I have SSIS projects to maintain?

  • Benefits of SQL Server Reporting:

    1: Create applications to manage one or more report servers through the Web services interface.

    2: Create additional rendering, delivery, and data processing extensions using the Microsoft.NET Framework.

    3: Create applications that generate reports using the Report Definition Language (RDL).

    4: Create applications that embed or link to a Web browser to present and manipulate report output through URLs.

  • @Nick Foster

    Thank you for your feedback.  I've forwarded your comment to the SSIS team and they have informed me that they are aware of the issue you and other customers have around the lack of SSIS support for VS2010.  I can't make any promises but they are formulating a response to the issue.

  • @Nick Foster

    First of all, thank you to those customers who have offered feedback regarding how your work and productivity are impacted by Integration Services (SSIS) not yet being available in Visual Studio 2010.  As developers ourselves, we certainly understand the frustration you have reported in having two Visual Studio instances installed and maintained on your development machines.  While this side-by-side configuration works, it is certainly a less ideal solution to operating SSIS from within VS 2010.  Unfortunately, the staggered ship cycles of the two products (VS and SSIS) and some convoluted dependencies did not allow us to reunite the development environments of both tools until the next version of SQL Server.  

    Meanwhile, please be assured that SSIS projects continue to be supported by Visual Studio both now and into the foreseeable future.   Until the next version of SQL Server, we will be happy to discuss with any Visual Studio 2010 customer ways in which they can optimize the interoperability of VS and SSIS.  We apologize for any inconvenience and are committed to improving your user experience both now and in the future.

    Jeff Bernhardt

    Product Unit Manager

    SQL Server Integration Services

  • @Jeff Bernhardt

    Thanks for replying, but are you saying that VS2010 will only support SSIS for the next version of SQL Server?  In that case I'm still going to be stuck with 3 versions of Visual Studio installed.

    What would be preferable would be to be able to target a particular version of SQL Server just as in code I can target a particular version of the .NET Framework.

  • Can we connect VS 2010 with SQL 2005,

    becouse when i run VS studio with then my SQL 2005 not connect with there server.

    can you pl suggest me any suggestion on it.

  • This article is outdated.

    VS 2010 SQL tools are supported through backward compatibility with SQL 2012.

    1) Go to your SQL Server Installation Center

    2) Under Installation Type, select - Add features to an existing instance

    3) Under Shared Features, select - SQL Server Data Tools

  • Same thing i am facing and i found the solution in your blog thanks.

  • i have vissual stuio can i work on sql for making a database. how can i instal this sql

  • As we are not working with .net platform, but we are planning to start work on it. you can see our website:

  • Dear sir , I have installed sql server 2008 r2 & 2010, & I make a project in C# with no error, but when i run the project it says that "Login failed for this user" I have tried many attempts but not success pls help

  • i would like to open my SSRS 2008 report project with visual studio 2010

    how can we open it ?

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