HTML5 & CSS3 in Visual Studio 2010 SP1

HTML5 & CSS3 in Visual Studio 2010 SP1

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Since the release of Visual Studio 2010 SP1 beta last month, there has been a lot of questions regarding the support for HTML5 and CSS3.


Visual Studio 2010 was originally released without HTML5 support, so does SP1 finally add support for it? Yes, to some extent. The entire HTML5 specification isn’t supported but most of the new elements and attributes are. That means you get both intellisense and validation for HTML5 with SP1.

Turn it on

After installing SP1 you have to tell Visual Studio to start using the HTML5 schema. Go to Tools -> Options, and then select Text Editor -> HTML -> Validation. You should now be able to select HTML5 or XHTML5 as the target schema.


Or if you have the HTML Source Editing toolbar enabled, you can select it in the target schema dropdown.


Intellisense support

The new elements that are specific to HTML5 are shown in the intellisense list as you would expect.


Even the new HTML5 specific attribute values for existing elements are shown.


Prior to SP1 there had been a bug that caused a runtime error when an input element used some of the new type attribute values such as email in conjunction with runat=”server”.

<input type="email" runat="server" />

This error has been fixed and will be included in the final SP1. However, it is not part of SP1 beta. In the meantime, you can use the Textbox control instead which doesn’t cause the error.

<asp:textbox type="email" runat="server" />


In SP1 there are a few improvements in the CSS3 support as well, though not as elaborate as with HTML5. The editor now supports the more advanced selectors such as div:nth-child(2n+1) without giving validation errors and the new color values rgba, hsl, hsla and 8 digit hex values are also supported.

Start today

The conclusion is that with Visual Studio today, you can build HTML5 and CSS3 web applications on top of ASP.NET, and with SP1 we are making it a lot easier for you. We encourage all ASP.NET developers to start taking advantage of what HTML5 and CSS3 has to offer already today. The Web Platform and Tools team takes web standards very seriously and you will see much better support for HTML5 and CSS3 in the future.

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  • I want the samples for advanced. the feature I don't know

  • Is anyone else seeing the following incorrectly flagged warnings in VS2010???


    Validation (HTML 5): Element 'legend' occurs too few times.


    Validation (HTML 5): Element 'legend' occurs too few times.

    <input type="email" placeholder="watermark goes here?" autofocus="autofocus" />

    Validation (HTML 5): Attribute 'autofocus' is not a valid attribute of element 'input'.

  • Weird - the warnings disappear when I switch validation mode to XHTML5, but reappear in HTML5 mode again.

  • I only see CSS 2.1 on my intellisense  in VS2010 PRO SP1 - am i missing a step?

  • I liked it. Hope you will keep coming up with such good stuff.

    Thanks for Sharing....

  • <form id="myform" method="post">




    Warning Validation (HTML5): Element 'legend' occurs too few times.

    why this warning happen

  • Hurry up already and give us the CSS3 schema natively - tired of these errors for junk.

  • very good :D

  • xp system, sp1 not support css3

  • Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Professional still flags the <script> element as incorrect because it doesn't specify the type attribute, however HTML5 does not require this attribute in order to validate.

  • @Scott Marcus, It should work in VS2012 and VS2013.

  • I know this is old but still... I have VS 2010 SP1 and don't see CSS3 as an option

  • @Elmar, thanks for commenting.  Please use the latest VS2013 for more updated support of CSS3.  

  • great article bro, thanks, was exaclty what I was looking for

  • Professional still flags the  element as incorrect because it doesn't specify the type attribute, however HTML5 does not require this attribute in order to validate. more information ..

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