XDT (web.config) transform engine released on NuGet

XDT (web.config) transform engine released on NuGet

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We have just released the XDT transform engine on NuGet, with a license which allows you to redistribute the assembly with your own product. . If you are not familiar with XDT it is a XML transformation engine which drives our web.config transforms in Visual Studio. You can read more about XDT at here. You can now take a dependency on XDT and ship it with your own product.

For specifics on the terms of use please read the license.

Why are we doing this?

One of the top 10 most voted features for NuGet is Support Visual Studio (XDT) web.config transforms. To summarize the request, NuGet package authors would like to be able to leverage XDT transforms when a package is installed.

When we initially set out to do this work, we knew that we needed to release XDT under a license which allows it to be redistributed with other 3rd party products. When we solicited feedback on our plans from the NuGet community, we heard some pretty clear feedback. If XDT wouldn’t work for all NuGet scenarios it had no place in NuGet core. We have heard that feedback and are reacting.

The easiest option, and best in my opinion, is to release the XDT code under an open source license. There are no guarantees that we will be able to do this, but things are looking good at this time. Once we make more progress on this I will let you all know.


Since we are hoping that XDT will have permanent home soon we have not setup a formal way to communicate issues. For now the best thing to do is to use the Contact Owners page.


Known Bugs

XDT is pretty solid but every product has some bugs. Most of them are pretty minor but you may be likely to run into the bug described below.

Whitespace is not preserved when calling XmldTransformableDocument.Save(FIleSteam)

If you reference Microsoft.Web.Xdt.dll and call XmldTransformableDocument.Save(FIleSteam) the whitespaces are not preserved in the transformed file.




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  • 1. Thanks, I like XDT and I can see use for it in my projects.

    2. An OSI license is better, more compatible.

    3. How about handing over the project to the Outer Curve Foundation?

    Thanks again!

  • How is this different than http://ctt.codeplex.com/ - Is it just that this is the OFFICIAL Microsoft release?

  • @Mike thanks, we are currently evaluating the options that we have.

    @Issa, I am not familiar with that project. I took a quick glance and it looks like it is built on top of XDT.

  • very very nice and the amazing collection man i like these all keep this work thanks for the sharing.

  • Is this just intended just for client side apps? Or is this optimized enough to use on a web server for thousands of users?

  • What the hack is this?

    A more useful utility would be to have the ability to create the transformations CONFIG file, based on the original and the final CONFIG file.

    Why would one need to create this file by hand? :|

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