Tutorial series updated for Entity Framework 6 Code First with MVC 5

Tutorial series updated for Entity Framework 6 Code First with MVC 5

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We have updated our EF Code First / MVC tutorial series to use Visual Studio 2013, Entity Framework 6, and MVC 5. New Entity Framework 6 features covered in these tutorials include:

  • Connection resiliency
  • Command interception
  • Code-based configuration
  • Async
  • Stored procedures

The series includes the following tutorials:

The old EF 5 / MVC 4 series is still available at a new URL:

The old series covers some topics that have not been included in the new series yet.  We plan to add these to the new series later:

If there are other topics you’d like us to cover in these tutorials that we haven’t covered yet, please let us know.

- Tom Dykstra

- Rick Anderson

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  • Is there any tutorials that pertain to just MVC 5? I would love to see some of the new features at work. TY

  • Particularly extending the ApplicationUser() Model and modifying the OAuth to work with it (async)? That would be fun!

  • Hey Brian,

    The www.asp.net/.../release-notes list new features, not many for MVC 5. The biggest is the Identity which you mention in your 2nd question. I show how to do this in my secure azure MVC tutorial (altho I don't use async, but you can get that elsewhere).  see www.windowsazure.com/.../web-site-with-sql-database

  • I am looking for an example of how to relate 2 tables based on a non-primary column. In this case Entity A has a property that returns Entity B means many to one relation.

  • For getting help with that you have several options -- you can ask questions on the ASP.NET Forums or StackOverflow (see the links at the top of the first tutorial in the series), or you can request a code sample at


  • HI Tom/Rick,

    I want to know that, Is Entity Framework 6 Provides functionality to CREATE SEQUENCE using Code first approach..??

    If yes then,Can you cover this in these tutorials with example..??

  • You can execute any SQL statement using EF -- see the last tutorial in the series.  My impression is that CREATE SEQUENCE is probably too specialized a topic for a general getting started with EF/MVC tutorial series, but you can add a user voice item and see how many votes it gets.  


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