Announcing the Release of ASP.NET MVC 5.1, ASP.NET Web API 2.1 and ASP.NET Web Pages 3.1

Announcing the Release of ASP.NET MVC 5.1, ASP.NET Web API 2.1 and ASP.NET Web Pages 3.1

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The NuGet packages for ASP.NET MVC 5.1, ASP.NET Web API 2.1 and ASP.NET Web Pages 3.1 are now live on the NuGet gallery!

Download this release

You can install or update to the released NuGet packages for ASP.NET MVC 5.1, ASP.NET Web API 2.1 and ASP.NET Web Pages 3.1 using the NuGet Package Manager Console, like this:

  • Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc -Version 5.1.0
  • Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi -Version 5.1.0
  • Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.WebPages -Version 3.1.0

Pre-requisites for this release

What’s in this release?

This release is packed with great new features summarized below:



ASP.NET Web Pages 3.1

You can find a complete listing of the features and fixes included in this release by referring to the corresponding release notes:


Tutorials and other information about this release are available from the ASP.NET web site (

Questions and feedback

You can submit related to this release on the ASP.NET forums (MVC, Web API, Web Pages). Please submit any issues you encounter and feature suggestions for future releases on our CodePlex site.

Thanks and enjoy!

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  • Would like to see more official  documentation on the authentication system.

  • For docs on authentication please see

  • Why was the bootstrap support for editor templates done the way it is? Why could another overload of EditorFor me created that took htmlAttributes directly, like TextboxFor does?

  • @Matt: We chose this approach because additional overloads were not necessary and would have complicated the change: View data was already passed down to inner Editor(), EditorFor() and EditorForModel() invocations.  And overloads accepting an anonymous object would require additionalViewData even if the user intended to pass only your proposed htmlAttributes parameter.

    Note the current approach also allows you to place the attributes anonymous object (or Dictionary<string, object>) in ViewData or ViewBag.  Then you don't need to pass anything extra in your Editor*() calls.

  • How can we make the new release as a default in a new project. For example, when I create a new MVC project, it should be automatically use MVC 5.1. Now default is still on MVC 5.0.

    Any option for this?

  • Nuget doesn't tell me what version of the .NET Framework is required for these packages.  Where can I find .NET Framework dependency info for the various ASP.NET MVC versions?

  • These packages require .NET 4.5.

  • @humaNiT We need to update our templates to use the new packages, which we plan to do in a future update to Visual Studio 2013.

  • Love the Enum helpers! I was just custom-implementing something similar yesterday. Now we just need CheckBoxListFor() and RadioButtonListFor() :) !

  • How could I get Myself updated with latest changes in MVC and other Microsoft Technology Tools.

    Is there any specific link to get updated with latest software updates?

  • @Vijay,

    You can read my blog for ASP.NET MVC kind of posts

    To VS team Thanks for this wonderful release ?

    Do we got MVC3 support in VS 13 ?. it's problematic to work on VS13 to manage MVC3 project.


    Anirudha Gupta

  • So am I correct in what I found out that you need IIS 7.5 to get Web API 2.1 to work properly? I upgraded a project and we are running IIS 7 and I was told IIS 7.5 in managed pipeline mode. I'm not seeing the need for IIS 7.5 anywhere in the release notes which is why I'm asking.

  • Please, update your CDN servers to support latest version of jQuery, jQuery Unobtrusive Validation, jQuery UI and other libraries

  • i want to know that what is the latest version of asp and jelly beans

  • @JamieRytlewski: Yeah, this is a regression. The following bug is keeping track of this.

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