Tutorial Series for Entity Framework 6 MVC 5 Published

Tutorial Series for Entity Framework 6 MVC 5 Published

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We have published the final 3 tutorials in the series on the Entity Framework 6 Code First / MVC 5. At the same time, we updated the first 9 tutorials, adding new material and responding to customer suggestions.

New Entity Framework 6 features covered in this series include:

  • Connection resiliency
  • Command interception
  • Code-based configuration
  • Async
  • Stored procedures

The 3 newly published tutorials are these:

The 9 that were published earlier and have now been updated are these:

The old EF 5 / MVC 4 series is still available at this URL:

- Tom Dykstra

- Rick Anderson

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  • What is new in EF 6 and MVC 5?

  • That seems a good series and comprehensive.

    Is it now able to handle the merge of a disconnected graph? This facility is there in other orms such as nhibernate, and wondering if ef has caught up yet.

  • @Mickey - For the latest info about EF see the MSDN page and the CodePlex page:



  • @Tom, thanks. Have checked the codeplex page. Unsurprisingly its actually the top issue there with 200 votes. Guess that means the answer to my earlier question is a no.

  • Because when we remove roles related to User it still accessing the controller decorated [Authorize(Roles = "Admin")].

    I'm using the identity 3.0 and Mvc 6.

    I think authorize stores the cookie, however when I make any change in the roles it works not automatic

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