ASP.NET vNext in Visual Studio “14” CTP 2

ASP.NET vNext in Visual Studio “14” CTP 2

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Today we released various runtime and tooling updates for ASP.NET vNext in the Visual Studio “14” CTP 2. This CTP includes our alpha2 runtime packages for ASP.NET vNext. You can find all the details on the specific enhancements added and issues fixed in the published release notes on GitHub.

For information on how to get started with ASP.NET vNext using Visual Studio “14” check out the article Getting Started with ASP.NET vNext and Visual Studio "14".

The existing MVC Music Store and Bug Tracker sample projects have been updated with the bits for this release. You can find instructions on how to open, build, run and publish these sample ASP.NET vNext projects in the documentation for the corresponding GitHub repos.

We’d love to hear your feedback. For VS tooling related issues, please submit bugs through Connect; send suggestions on UserVoice and quick thoughts via Send-a-Smile in the Visual Studio IDE. For ASP.NET vNext, please provide feedback in Github or the ASP.NET vNext forum. If you ask a question in Stack Overflow, use the tag.  Thanks for being with us in this exciting time!

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  • Great!!!

  • Is it safe to install the CTP side by side with VS 2013?

  • This is nice news.

    One thing that still bothers me a lot is javascript developement. I find the intelliSense and debugging facilities primitive and not at all comparable to C# debugging. I use firebug and IE script debugger to get the job done.

    I would like if VS could somehow take over the client side debugging so that I do not have to use e.g. Firebug.

  • @Mohammad: client-side code debugging is working like a charm for me. You will have to use Internet Explorer though. Besides that, there is a VS addin for Chrome debugging:

  • @Frank, it stated in the download page that:

    Side-by-side installation with earlier releases of Visual Studio is a goal for Visual Studio "14"; however, you should refrain from installing Visual Studio "14" CTP 1 on the same computer as an earlier release of Visual Studio.

    BTW, CTP2 is not blocked when install SxS with VS2013, but there will be some left over files later when you uninstall it due to VS2013.  And CTP are not supported, so don't put it on official machine SxS with VS2013.

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