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  • Blog Post: Understanding Security Features in the SPA Template for VS2013 RC

    The blog is based on Visual Studio 2013 RC release . We have completely rewritten the SPA template from the previous version( MVC 4). Here are some of the changes we made: The authentication story has completely changed. Instead of using cookie (which was used in the last release), we are using OAuth...
  • Blog Post: Use SignalR Sample Nuget package in VS2013 Preview MVC 5 Project

    We received feedback that the current 1.2 version SignalR sample Nuget package doesn’t work in an MVC 5 project by default. Here are the repro steps and the necessary change to make it work. 1. Create a C# MVC 5 project in VS2013 Preview 2. Install Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Sample NuGet...
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