Note: C# code in this article applies to RC version of Web Deployment Tool available here:
- Web Deployment Tool 1.0 RC x86
- Web Deployment Tool 1.0 RC x64
or through WebPI tool:
- Web Platform Installer

To migrate an application or whole server from IIS6 to IIS7 you need to use “migrate” verb in msdeploy command line tool.
For example, you can create a “migration” package of a server in the following manner:

msdeploy -verb:sync  -source:webserver60 -dest:package=c:\

Migration is meant to pull out more components then sync operation. To read more about migration using Web Deployment Tool refer to this article: Migrate from IIS 6.0 to IIS 7.0

To do the same in C# using Web Deployment public APIs, you write the same code as you would write for sync except that you have to enable all the migration rules.

(Note: for remote settings explore properties of DeploymentBaseOptions and for sync specific settings like skip rules and other options, explore properties of DeploymentSyncOptions).

using System;
using Microsoft.Web.Deployment;

static class Program
    static void Main()
        DeploymentWellKnownProvider sourceProvider = DeploymentWellKnownProvider.WebServer60;
        string sourcePath = "";     // no path needed for webserver providers
        DeploymentBaseOptions sourceBaseOptions = new DeploymentBaseOptions();
         * set base options for source object (webserver)

        DeploymentWellKnownProvider destinationProvider = DeploymentWellKnownProvider.Package;
        string destinationPath = @"c:\";
        DeploymentBaseOptions destinationBaseOptions = new DeploymentBaseOptions();
        DeploymentSyncOptions destinationSyncOptions = new DeploymentSyncOptions();

        // add all migration rules to sync options
        DeploymentRuleCollection availableRules = DeploymentSyncOptions.GetAvailableRules();
        foreach (DeploymentRule rule in availableRules)
            if (rule.Name.Equals("MigrateGeneral") || 
rule.Name.Equals("MigrateDependencyCheck") ||
rule.Name.Equals("MigrateAnonymousUser")) { destinationSyncOptions.Rules.Add(rule); } } /* * set other base and sync options for destination object (package) */ using (DeploymentObject deploymentObject = DeploymentManager.CreateObject ( sourceProvider, sourcePath, sourceBaseOptions )) { deploymentObject.SyncTo ( destinationProvider, destinationPath, destinationBaseOptions, destinationSyncOptions ); } }
Kateryna Rohonyan