MIX08: The Next Web Now

MIX08: The Next Web Now

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The MIX08 Site is now online and registration for the hottest conference of the year is open. MIX tends to sell out very quickly, so be sure to register early! [Early bird registration gets a $200 discount]

There's lots of fun stuff to talk about.

  • Steve Ballmer and Scott Guthrie will be keynoting.
  • We're going to have a 'Show Off' section where you and your team can show to the rest of MIX what you are working on.
  • Sessions covering the gamut of web development and design technologies. Come and see what is the latest in the worlds of Silverlight, WPF, Expression and more
  • Experts from many industries and skill sets who will share their priceless real world experience
  • A party at the coolest nightclub on the Vegas string

...and much more. Visitmix.com now to see...


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