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  • Blog Post: Improving performance in WPF applications

    If you've been using WPF with layered windows to provide transparency [with the Windows.Transparency option set to true ], you may have noticed that the performance isn't what you might expect. A supported hotfix to the problem can now be downloaded. Check out the details here:
  • Blog Post: Silverlight: Convert Text to Path

    The WPF APIs provide a FormattedText object that allows you to export its contents as a Geometry, which in turn allows you to generate its contents in the XAML Path Mini Language . Here's an example of a Web service that takes in the text, typeface, size and other parameters, loads them into a FormattedText...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Book

    There have been lots of questions since MIX07 about a book on Silverlight. I'm working on one for MS Press, which is designed to be 1/3 ASP.NET, 1/3 AJAX and 1/3 Silverlight. It's intended to be an introduction to the Microsoft Stack for folks coming in from PHP or other frameworks, or a refresher on...
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