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Bringing you web-scale language model data. Web N-Gram is joint project between Microsoft Bing and Microsoft Research.

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  • Blog Post: Using the MicrosoftNgram Python Module

    Over the past few posts I've shown some samples of the MicrosoftNgram Python module. Writing documentation is not something engineers I know enjoy doing; in fact the only available documentation right now is through help(MicrosoftNgram) . Here's an attempt to rectify the situation. To get started...
  • Blog Post: Generative-Mode API

    In previous posts I wrote how the Web N-Gram service answers the question: what is the probability of word w in the context c ? This is useful, but sometimes you want to know: what are some words {w} that could follow the context c ? This is where the Generative-Mode APIs come in to play. Examples...
  • Blog Post: Language Modeling 101

    The Microsoft Web N-Gram service, at its core, is a data service that returns conditional probabilities of words given a context. But what does that exactly mean? Let me explain. Conditional probability is usually expressed with a vertical bar: P(w|c). In plain English you would say: what is...
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