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    Removing an IIS server's IP address from HTTP responses

    Introduction The purpose of this blog post is to discuss how to mask an IIS server’s IP address from being sent as part of an HTTP response. By default, IIS can send a server’s IP address in the Content-Location or Location response headers of a response...
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    IIS7 – ASP.NET on Windows Server 2008 Server Core R2

    If you are a Server Core fan, and wished you could host ASP.NET websites in Server Core, then feel better, you wish had come true. Windows Server 2008 R2’s Server Core will have .NET Framework which means, ASP.NET too. This is a big news for all those...
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    Time vs. Time-Taken fields in IIS logging

    Questions often arise pertaining to what the Time-Taken and Time fields are reporting in the IIS logs. The Time field is quite straightforward: it specifies when the log entry was created. Note that this is not always the same as when the log entry...
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