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  • Blog Post: High memory in IIS due to scriptproxy.dll

    One of my customers had a problem on his IIS server, where the IIS process hosting his web application was suffering from very high memory utilization over time. Eventually the process got so high in memory that the web application became completely unresponsive and incoming requests were no longer getting...
  • Blog Post: Troubleshooting System.OutOfMemoryExceptions in ASP.NET

    When the .NET Framework was first released, many developers believed the introduction of the garbage collector meant never having to worry about memory management ever again. In fact, while the garbage collector is efficient in managing memory in a managed application, it's still possible for an application...
  • Blog Post: Weeking recap of ASP.NET Debugging blog

    Here are last weeks updates to the ASP.NET Debugging blog: Code Gallery and CodePlex, how are they different and what are their benefits? An Open Debugger Extension Job openings with the .NET Framework Team ASP.NET Tips- What to gather to troubleshoot – part 1 – High CPU
  • Blog Post: Understanding when to use a Finalizer in your .NET class

    If you are going to use a finalizer in your .NET class, be sure to read this post so that you understand when you should and shouldn’t use it: Understanding when to use a Finalizer in your .NET class
  • Blog Post: Identifying a COM call that is blocking the GC and causing a memory leak

    A new blog posting about this can be found here: ASP.NET Tips- How to identify a COM call that is blocking GC, causing a memory leak
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