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  • Blog Post: Configuring Many-to-One Client Certificate Mappings for IIS 7/7.5

    Many-to-one Client certificate mapping is used by the Internet Information Services (IIS) to associate an end user to a windows account when the client certificate is used for the user authentication. The user session is executed under the context of this mapped windows account by IIS. For this to work...
  • Blog Post: IIS 7.5 – How to enable IIS Configuration Auditing?

    This post briefly discusses the new configuration auditing functionality to trace the changes done to the IIS configuration store. This is similar to the Metabase Auditing which was available in IIS 6.0 with SP1 on Windows 2003 Server; you can refer this KB article which talks about enabling metabase...
  • Blog Post: 64 bit IIS manager,32 bit worker process and root web.config settings

    The IIS 7 manager provides a UI for almost all sections for the web.config. It does simplify things for administrators but I have seen a couple of cases where this has lead to interesting problems. Let us consider the Machine Key feature that the IIS 7 manager provides. It is well known that when...
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