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  • Blog Post: Migrating

    This blog is migrating to the WNDP blog . This one will stick around but won't be updated.
  • Blog Post: Longhorn Networking Chat: Http, Winsock and QoS

    Today was the Longhorn Networking Chat , I've organized some of the QA and will do a series of posts on different topics that came up. See the full transcript on Channel 9. Http, winsock and QoS are the areas closest to me organizationally so I'll start here. There were a two http stack questions: Henry_MSFT...
  • Blog Post: Welcome to Window's Web Transports Blog

    This is a collaborative Weblog from the Web Transports Team in Windows Networking. As a team we work on the http stacks in Windows; http.sys the kernel part of the IIS 6.0 Web Server (part of Windows Server 2003) and its own developer API , wininet.dll which is the client side HTTP stack at the heart...
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