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This blog focuses on technologies that support Windows Error Reporting and Windows Quality data.

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  • Blog Post: Windows Dev Center – Reports FAQ

    How do I map files? How can I see Driver Reports? How can I see reports in the Product group summary? How do I make sure I see data for my Product based mappings? Where can I find information on report automation? How do I automate generating product mappings? How do I use PowerShell to automate product...
  • Blog Post: The Three Cs of Response Satisfaction

    The Windows Error Reporting (WER) platform offers software and hardware companies a way to provide helpful information to customers. When an application stops working the WER client application that runs on Windows (since XP) detects these events and checks to see if a solution exists. Software and hardware...
  • Blog Post: Windows Error Reporting (WER) Blog

    Technorati Tags: WER , WER Services , Winqual , Windows Quality , Windows Error Reporting Getting Started: http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/winlogo/maintain/StartWER.mspx Introduction Video to Windows Error Reporting: Driving for software quality through customer feedback (PDC Web Session) ...
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