February, 2007

  • Yet Another Language Geek

    Anonymous Recursion in C#

    Recursion is beautiful and lambdas are the ultimate abstraction. But how can they be used together? Lambdas are anonymous functions and recursion requires names. Let's try to define a lambda that computes the nth fibonacci number. Func<int, int>...
  • Yet Another Language Geek

    Linq to ASCII Art

    Last night I was searching for an audio version of Painters and Hackers by Paul Graham . Pretty soon I had completely forgotten about the book and found myself reading the Wikipedia article about Hackers . Isn't Internet search great? Of all of the things...
  • Yet Another Language Geek

    The Virtues of Laziness

    It seems that I riled some people up with my blog post yesterday. After some thought, I think the primary reason that there was some backlash is because some people feel that I violated one of the sacred principles of FP: lists are *the* data structure...
  • Yet Another Language Geek

    Baby Names, Nameless Keys, and Mumbling

    Baby Names I recently finished reading Freakonomics . It is a fascinating book about a number of strange phenomena. Its topics range from the economics of dealing crack to cheating in sumo wrestling. Among the sundry topics is a discussion concerning...
  • Yet Another Language Geek

    Why all the love for lists?

    One of the things that I have noticed when participating in interviews with potential candidates is that most candidates have a favorite data structure. Presumably this is the data structure that they feel the most comfortable with. The problem is that...
  • Yet Another Language Geek

    Memoization and Anonymous Recursion

    Keith Farmer brought it to my attention that there is at least a little confusion about how closures work. Hopefully, I can help shed a little light on the subject. The question is why doesn't the following code actually memoize fib in the call to Test...
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