December, 2007

  • Yet Another Language Geek

    Continuation-Passing Style

    There are some technical words that cause quite a stir even amongst geeks.  When someone says the word "continuation" , people's eyes glaze over and they seek the first opportunity to change the subject.  The stir is caused because...
  • Yet Another Language Geek

    Musings on Software Testing

    It was spring 2003, I had just finished a weekend camping in the southern Arizona desert.  I was dusty and physically exhausted from hours of playing paintball.  For those who have never been in those parts, imagine long straight roads with...
  • Yet Another Language Geek

    Volta and You

    Yesterday, Volta was made publicly available for the first time.  It is an experimental project in the early stages of development.  The team decided to release an early technology preview so that developers everywhere can help guide the project...
  • Yet Another Language Geek

    Volta: Redefining Web Development

    Anyone who writes web applications knows that web development is not easy.  Developers wrangle with a soup of technologies distributed across multiple tiers.  We live in a world where programmers accept the fact that they need to know four or...
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