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    Having Trouble with Queries

    A Funny Joke and a Sad Joke There is a joke that goes something like this: Two men are hopelessly lost in hot air balloon. Their condition is aggravated by the fact that they are enshrouded by a thicket of fog. When it seems all is lost, suddenly the...
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    How Linq to Objects Queries Work

    If you have ever tried to step through a Linq to Objects query in the debugger, you may have been mildly surprised at the results. It may have seemed as if the program had a mind of its own and ran certain expressions when it wanted to and not when it...
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    A Model for Query Interpretation

    Evaluating Query Expressions After writing the code to translate query expressions and remove transparent identifiers, one of my first desires was to write a tool that would generate query expressions to test the correctness of the code. Of course...
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    Reading and Writing Queries

    Now that we have discussed some of the underpinnings of query expressions, we can turn our attention to how to use them. As has already discussed , most people who see query expressions immediately think of SQL and often even mistake query expressions...
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    Thus Quoth the Humble Programmer

    I love Scheme! It is such a beautiful language. I was first introduced to it during college. At that time, I thought it was an interesting language but I didn't see the power of the language until later. That moment came when I experienced reading The...
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    Transparent Identifiers

    My last post described in detail how query expressions in C# are translated, but I have a confession to make. I did a little bit of hand waving through one part of the translation rules. The astute reader (whomever that is, whenever I read such things...
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    Comprehending Comprehensions

    Not long ago, I was reading through some articles posted on programming.reddit.com when I came across an article claiming that C# is trying to be a dynamic language . One user posted a comment that mentioned that C# 3.0 included among other things "embedded...
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    Types of confusion

    When I began programming in my early teens, I was very excited to learn about programming and also excited to become a "real" programmer . I remember picking up a book from the library that purported to teach what real programmers were like. I absorbed...
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    Saving the State of Enumerators

    Cyrus and I were writing some code together the other day and we used an interesting data structure that I wanted to share with you. This data structure I will call a chain which is essentially a immutable singlely linked list. interface IChain...
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    captivated foreach statements

    I am sure that most people who use C# regularly use the foreach construct. Intimately understanding this construct is not usually required for proper usage. The syntax is straightforward and it would seem that the semantics would also be straightforward;...
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    the first step

    I suppose that I should begin with an introduction. My name is Wes Dyer and I am a developer on the C# compiler team. I have many interests in the area of computing including but not limited to compilers, artificial intelligence (especially machine learning...
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