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  • Blog Post: Data Compression and Heaps

    I think we can all agree that Data Compression is a great new functionality in SQL Server 2008. I know many of you have been experimenting with it but there was one little catch I wanted you to be aware of. When you apply page compression to a table the pages get compressed when they are full but there...
  • Blog Post: The Data Loading Performance Guide

    SQL Server has been gaining a lot of credibility in the data warehousing market the last couple of years. With that the challenge arises more and more to load massive amounts of data in SQL Server. Obviously this is a matter of good hardware in combination with the 'right' way of doing things. Lucky...
  • Blog Post: What happens when I update my partitioning key?

    This is a question someone asked me yesterday and if you think about it, this is really a good question. The partitioning function defines on which partition the row will be mapped based on the partitioning column value. Imagine that you have a table on which you have defined partitioning to make...
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