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Using a View to Mask Multi-Server SSIS Package Configurations

By Jason Brugger
December 8, 2013

SSIS Package Configurations allows property values which are particular to a given SQL Server instance to be customized for that instance without modification to the underlying package. To quote SQL BOL, "SQL Server Integration Services provides package configurations that you can use to update the values of [package] properties at run time." If unfamiliar with package configurations...

Here's an excerpt:

Next, complete the Package Configuration Wizard and specify the view as the configuration source:

  1. In SSDT, under package properties, click Configurations.
  2. In the Package Configurations Organizer, check Enable package configurations, and click Add.
  3. Under Configuration type, select SQL Server.
  4. Under Connection, click New to create a new Connection manager if a connection manager of type "Native OLE DB\SQL Server Native Client 11.0" doesn't already exist. Select the database that hosts the configuration table and view.
  5. Under Configuration table, select the view (not the table) created above.
  6. Under Configuration filter, choose any name that will uniquely distinguish this package from other packages. Avoid any server-specific references.
  7. Click Next and complete the wizard.




T-SQL Useful Links

By Naomi N
December 8, 2013

This article will share collection of links in regards to various aspects in Transact-SQL language I acquired over the years and saved in links.txt file. Many of these links come very handy answering various questions in SQL Server related forums. Categories: Select Top N Rows per Group, Performance Optimization, EXECUTE vs sp_ExecuteSQL, SQL Server Internals, Dynamic Search...

Here's an example section:

Common Table Expression

CTE Performance

CTE syntactic sugar

CTE versus Temp Table 



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