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SQL Server: When Foreign Keys will Cause Conflicts with FILLFACTOR

By Uwe Ricken
December 23, 2013

The FILLFACTOR is a good option to avoid expensive page splits in an index. Unfortunately the usage of FILLFACTOR is most often handled like the usage of a water can - the same FILLFACTOR will be used for every index. Such a usage can lead to disadvantages when the given FILLFACTOR will leave space on the data page which will never be used again. This article will demonstrate the negative side effects to the...



WPF: Custom Tree Virtualizing Panel For TreeView

By Dev Hedgehog
December 23, 2013

Performance is a sensitive topic. The control works the way it works. I would like to show you in this article how to make a custom tree virtualizing panel and how to use it instead of VirtualizingStackPanel. Some of you might think right now why going this deep into WPF? To answer your question I wanted to show you guys that by creating a custom panel you can make TreeView virtualize, layout and scroll faster. The panel is the heart...



How to Protect your Active Directo ry from RID Pool Depletion

By Mr. X
December 23, 2013

SID (Security Identifier) is a unique identifier that Active Directory uses to identify objects as security principal. It is maintained in every Active Directory Domain and is never re-used. The uniqueness of an SID within an Active Directory Domains comes from the uniqueness of its RID (Relative Identifier). As shown in the previous figure, an SID is composed of the Domain SID (Is unique for an Active Directory Domain and never change)...



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