William Cornwill works for Microsoft Australia
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January, 2006

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My name is William Cornwill, I am the Collaboration Platform Technology Solutions Professional (TSP) for Australia and Pacific Islands. I work for Microsoft Australia.  In this capacity I support the Technical Presales activities around SharePoint. Prior to coming across to Microsoft I was working for a Gold Partner.   I am a beginner bike rider who enjoys riding with my family along the many creek trails and bike paths in Melbourne, Australia.   I recently competed in my first MTB race - 5hr enduro laps around a 9km loop and I got extremely muddy.  I also train in Goju Ryu Karate for fun and exercise and recently graded to 5th Kyu.

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    Telerik blog

    Support staff from Telerik are now blogging, check out there new blog http://blogs.telerik.com
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    Taskbar Icons Missing

    This morning I came into work and noticed that the running application icons that normally appear on my task bar were missing! After hunting around for a cure I came accross a program could TaskbarRepairToolPlus! this was able to solve my problem.
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