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SharePoint Saturday–Melbourne

SharePoint Saturday–Melbourne

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On the 22nd October I attended and presented at the SharePoint Saturday Melbourne event.   It was great to catch-up with all the guys from the SharePoint community and attend some great sessions.

I presented with Shyam Narayan on Optimizing SharePoint Internet sites.   During the session we discussed caching, image delivery optimisation, developer tips and tricks.   We also discussed externalising authentication away from SharePoint’s control and moving it off to Facebook/Twitter/Google/Live ID using Azure App Fabric Access Control Service 2.0.

Shyam has created a blog post on www.dotnetbounce.com with source code and slides from our sessions…

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  • Hi William,

    It was really a wonderful session on Cliams and site optimizing tricks.I would appreciate if you could write a blog post on the claims and integration of custom identity provider with SharePoint.

    It would be helpful.


    Isha Jain

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