William Cornwill works for Microsoft Australia
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  • Blog Post: Movember - please sponsor my MO!

    If you sponsor me I will provide updates of what my mo looks like!
  • Blog Post: Movember 2007 - I'm growin' a mo!

      During Movember (the month formerly known as November) I'll be growin' a Mo. That's right I'm bringing the Mo back because I'm passionate about changing men's health and the fight against male depression and prostate cancer once again. Why... Depression affects 1 in 6 men...Most don't seek help...
  • Blog Post: Mo-vember update

    The MOSSIG team was able to raise $718 in donations for Movember. This amount will be matched by the company I work for SDM . So a total donation of around $1450 has been raised. I think this is excellent and enjoyed growing my mo. I have however removed it as it didn't really suit and the itchiness...
  • Blog Post: Movember update

    I am growing a mo for Movember get behind me and sponsor my mo for charity. The Movember initiative is a fund raiser to increase awareness of Men's health issues such as prostate cancer and depression. Please help change the face of Men's health by donating something ($1, $5 or whatever - some have been...
  • Blog Post: November is now known as Mo-vember

    Not sure if you have heard about the "Mo-vember" initiative. I briefly mentioned it at the last MOSSIG meeting. It was undertaken by Dave Lemphers , Microsoft, last year. This year MOSSIG are entering a team called “MOSSIG” and some of our members are keen to "grow-a-mo"...
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