William Cornwill works for Microsoft Australia
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  • Blog Post: Happy Star Wars Day – May the Fourth be with you!

  • Blog Post: M&M Collector Blog

    I have been collecting M&M chocolate dispensers and other M&M memorabilia for the past seven years. Tonight I decided to create a new blog to share my collection with others who might also collect similar items or might just be interested in having a look at them.   I have over 70 items...
  • Blog Post: Face in hole.com

    Have some fun with www.faceinhole.com .  Place your face or your friends face into a well known picture;  Thanks for the link Chris. Grumpy Wookie (Chris O'Connor) CodeJedi (Me)
  • Blog Post: Son of GrumpyWookie to be a young web developer

    This is the son of a friend of mine Chris O'Connor ( GrumpyWookie ).   It is very funny how the sons of nerd become nerds (my son is also a chip of my shoulder)...I also like the way he promotes SharePoint and C#.
  • Blog Post: I'm presenting at Best Practices in Information Worker / Office evening in Redmond

    I have been invited to present a solution I helped implement last year, while working at Strategic Data Management, to the greater Microsoft Worldwide Technical Specialist community, while I am at Redmond next week.  The solution was for South East Water in Victoria.  This is a great opportunity...
  • Blog Post: The new Knight Rider is a Ford GT500KR with Microsoft SYNC

    This morning I read an interesting email sent to me from Velle Kolde, Senior Product Manager Automotive at Microsoft about a revived Knight Rider movie (cool - I remember the original with the Hoff-meister).  Velle talks about the new Knight Rider movie that is going to air soon and also about the...
  • Blog Post: DWS announces acquisition of Strategic Data Management

    I heard today that Strategic Data Management (SDM) , the company I use to work for before joining Microsoft, is positioned to be acquired by DWS for $8.3M.  The transaction is expected to be completed by January 1 2008. You can check out the ASX announcement here .
  • Blog Post: Sipping cocktails in Queensland

    For those that know me, you will know that I have a tendency of collecting all sorts of things, but my main collection fetish is all things M&M related. I have in my collection some 40 M&M chocolate dispensers, some are classic ones from the 80's and some are newer ones I got for Easter. I also...
  • Blog Post: Away in the Sun with my family

    I am heading north to sunning Queensland on Saturday morning to spend some well deserved holiday time with my lovely wife and two wonderful children. I am not taking my laptop with me and therefore blogging will be just a little bit difficult. So my blog will be quiet for the next two weeks. We are spending...
  • Blog Post: Tenth year Wedding anniversary

    Today is my tenth year Wedding anniversary. Ten years ago Nicole and I got married at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat, this weekend we are going to return there with our two children Ethan and Jayde and show them were their Mum and Dad got married.
  • Blog Post: Will, the BBQ king!

    My employer SDM just purchased a BBQ for our Melbourne office, so I just had to wheel it out the front of the office and test it out for my lunch...yummy snags!
  • Blog Post: Evil Raptor has gone

    In November 2005, Andrew Buttigieg and I created our first (and only) epic adventure "MSDN Wars - Episode I Attack of the Raptor" as a practical joke ( Check it out on MSDN Webcasts Weblog ). It is a sad day for me as I say goodbye to Evil Raptor. My son Ethan has sold his beloved toy on eBay...
  • Blog Post: Happy Feet

    I took my 4 year old daughter (Jayde) to see Happy Feet last night. The movie was very enjoyable, however, she was tired and fell asleep about 3/4 of the way through. When asked what her favourite part was, she said "All of it!", well except for the bit where she was asleep...
  • Blog Post: Australia is in a drought

    This picture was sent to me by my future sister in-law Deneale. It was taken at Lake Wendouree in Ballarat. Lake Wendouree was the venue for the 1956 Olympic Games rowing and is all but dry presently. This once full lake that was home to hundreds of birds and fish is now completely dry due to the drought...
  • Blog Post: Taskbar Icons Missing

    This morning I came into work and noticed that the running application icons that normally appear on my task bar were missing! After hunting around for a cure I came accross a program could TaskbarRepairToolPlus! this was able to solve my problem.
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