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  • Blog Post: Silverlight 2 Now Available

    At the recent TechEd in Sydney Craig Harrowfield and I gave a presentation on enhancing the user interface (UI) and experience (UX) of SharePoint by using Microsoft’s Silverlight 2.0 technology.  During the demonstration we focussed on Silverlight 2 Beta 2.  Yesterday Microsoft announced the...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Blueprints for SharePoint Released to CodePlex!

    Today Microsoft released the source code for the Silverlight Blueprints for SharePoint—based on the Silverlight Beta 2 release. The Silverlight Blueprints for SharePoint provide a way for developers to better understand how to integrate Silverlight applications with SharePoint. Silverlight is an...
  • Blog Post: Sliverlight Blueprint for SharePoint

    From internal correspondance regarding the announcement of Sliverlight Blueprint for SharePoint. Today Microsoft announced the Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint at the SharePoint Conference in Seattle. This will allow SharePoint Developers building web parts to take advantage of Silverlight user interface...
  • Blog Post: Ice Cube Promotes Silverlight

    Just read a post by Michael Scherotter about http://uvntv.com - basically this is a new video for the web site that has been co-founded by Ice Cube.  Check out Micheal's post for a short video taken at Ice Cube's Cube Vision offices.  This site is pretty cool and shows the power of Silverlight...
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