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VSTS Rangers … correcting the perception

VSTS Rangers … correcting the perception

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I joined the VSTS Rangers team as a Solutions Architect | VSTS Core Ranger on 26th January 2009 and while I am still finding my feet (I actually know where the feet are, but the world they are standing on is currently daunting) it is a good time to define what I understand what a VSTS Ranger is all about. I may, or probably will, update this blog to correct my perceptions and understanding with time.

Ranger_Wrong   Ranger_Correct
… wrong perception of rangers, when thinking of VSTS Rangers!   … the correct perception of rangers, when looking at VSTS Rangers! The guy standing in the middle of a forest, confronted with a blocked road and willing to go the extra mile to clear the road and make the forest a better place for everyone.

The objectives I gathered in sessions and discussions to date:
Blue Surgeon Man in Green Scrubs, Holding a Pen and Clipboard Clipart Illustration

  • VSTS Rangers are responsible for the creation of reusable “out of band” solutions for missing functionality in the TFS and VSTS family of products.
  • VSTS Rangers are striving for active community readiness knowledge sharing.
  • VSTS Rangers can and are influencing VSTS.vNext … the next generation of the tools.

The welcome I have received to date is exceptional and I am really looking forward to work together with the product group, the core rangers, the extended rangers and the community at large. WOW … what I have seen at TechReady8 in terms of technology, passion and enthusiasm is hard to explain.

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