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VSTS Rangers Projects – summary of projects covered on this blog

VSTS Rangers Projects – summary of projects covered on this blog

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This post is simply a collection of the various posts that covers VSTS Rangers projects. Last update posted on: 26 July 2009.

Released Projects covered on this blog to date

CLIPART_OF_12430_SM_thumb2  … these are released projects which have been covered on this blog, click URLs for more information>

Keep an eye on the right hand side of my navigator pane, where you will find the link “VSTS Ranger Projects – TOC of projects covered on this blog” which points to a post which I will keep up to date in terms of VSTS Rangers Projects covered.

On the verge of release projects

CLIPART_OF_13164_SM_thumb3… more information will be posted on this blog as soon the projects are released.

  • No imminent projects at this stage.

New projects
Clipart Illustration of a White Business Person In A Tie, Carrying A Briefcase And Holding A Grey Check Mark, Symbolizing Approval And Solutions

Planned / Imminent projects

  • VSTS 2010 "DataDude" Guidance (New)
  • VSTT 2010 Quick Reference Guide (New)

I will update this post as we add more posts on VSTS Rangers Projects.

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