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VSTS Rangers Projects – TFS Migration Tools: Query => Is the migration from one process template to another a plausible scenario?

VSTS Rangers Projects – TFS Migration Tools: Query => Is the migration from one process template to another a plausible scenario?

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This post invites you for input on a possible scenario we are considering as part of the guidance for the VSTS Rangers TFS Migration Tools project, which is listed as one of the VSTS Rangers initiatives mentioned in the index post here.31568_SMJPG_174721981657484_thumb[3][5] We would appreciate your candid input, either by adding a comment to this blog post, or by contacting me directly.


The illustration shows a hypothetical scenario with two team projects, one based on the CMMI process template and the other on Agile. The Version Control (VC) data is migrated/synchronised as is, while the Work Item Tracking (WIT) data is migrated/synchronised with a re-mapping/translation between CMMI and Agile.

While there are other tools focused on Work Item Tracking data mapping, export and import, we are investigating the feasibility of including this specific scenario in our migration guidance and making it available as a viable scenario in the TFS Migration Tools solution. The latter is obviously not just focused on Work Item Tracking (WIT) data, but migration/synchronisation of Version Control (VC) and linking between WIT and VC as well.

So what are the questions?

  1. Do you have environments that would like to move a team project from one project template, i.e. CMMI, to another project template, i.e. Agile? This is typically a result of a team project team selecting one process template and realising during the development cycle that they selected the wrong process template, or alternatively by organisational changes that are linked with methodology changes.
  2. If you answered yes to (1), which process templates would be most relevant?
  3. Would there be a need to synchronise two team projects with different process templates, or would the need be primarily a migration from type A to type B?

Thanking you for your candid feedback!

  • 1 - Yes

    2 - CMMI to Scrum for Team System

    3 - Primary need is a One-way migration

    We have additional custom fields we have added which we would want to map during the process. This was done for two reasons (Certain fields in the CMMI template were not reportable by default, so we had to create different ones for the same basic purposes and we had to add some kind of per developer time-tracking to other custom fields for capatilization reporting)

  • 1.) YES. Our corporate servers are still in TFS 2008 with Agile 4.2

    2.) From Agile 4.2 to Agile 5.0

    3.) One way migration

  • 1 - Yes

    2 - Agile 4.x --> Scrum 2.1 (Still stuck on Agile template that what was available with TFS 2008)

    3 - Migration

  • 1- Yes (this has been a huge negative for TFS for us)

    2- Scrum for Team System (from EMC/Conchango) to VS Scrum (latest version)

    3- One way migration

    Basically, we'd like to switch process templates and at least keep source control history. Work item (and related) data is important, but the source history is a must that has been a real pain.

  • Has the CMMI to Scrum migration tool been built?  I am in need of this as type of tool.  

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