If you have perused TFS Integration Platform – VSTS Rangers Log 20091014 … the mission and the results to date … the mission and the results to date you have a good understanding of what has transpired. To visualise the previous post, I created the following DRAFT poster … it is still under construction, as we are busy figuring out a meaningful and user friendly formula of determining whether you are facing a ripple in the lake or a ginormous Tsunami in terms of migration and/or synchronization scenarios you may be considering.

imageClipart Illustration of a White Character Inserting The Final Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Into A Wall

… watch the space for the last puzzle piece on the bottom right, after which the poster will join the menu of VSTS Rangers guidance for this initiative.

Acronyms used

| TFS – team Foundation Server | VC – Version Control | WIT – Work Item Tracking | VSTS – Visual Studio Team System |