Serious Blue Man Reading Papers and Documents Clipart IllustrationA new version (Changeset 45445) of the TFS Integration Platform codebase, installer, documentation, guidance and hands-on-labs has been dropped on Codeplex today.

What’s changed?

Looking at the check-in comments, we have a substantial amount of features and bug fixes added in this release.

  • Important changes
    • DB project is converted to use DBPro GDR R2
    • New WorkFlowType is introduced in toolkit.
    • Toolkit is backward compatible (support for old work flow types persisted in DB), but doesn't support importing a new configuration file with old work flow type
  • Toolkit
  • Adaptersj0444214
    • Wit adapter: add project-scope context to query base
    • Fixes two problems in the SyncMonitorProvider implementation in the WIT adapters:
      • Correctly issues the WIQL query with [TeamProject] == @Project
      • Handles the case where the version string stored for a TFS work item has a string that's not an integer (e.g. "Attachment")
  • Guidance
    • Revised hands-on labs and documentation to align with codebase and to take advantage of new features.
    • The following documentation has been revised:
      • TFS Integration Platform - Architecture Overview
      • TFS Integration Platform - Custom Adapter POC
      • TFS Integration Platform - Getting Started
      • TFS Integration Platform - Migration Guidance
      • TFS Integration Platform - Planning Poster

In parallel we are making great progress at a number of migration proof-of-concepts, which are going to bring a wealth of features, administrative support and new adapter provider support to the platform. Watch the space!