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AIT Build Suite … a free nugget!

AIT Build Suite … a free nugget!

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If you are using or considering using Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 Team Build, then you must have a look at the AIT Build Suite 2010 at http://www.tfsblog.de/2010/02/07/company-wide-build-processes-a-vision-within-reach (German article: http://www.tfsblog.de/2010/02/05/unternehmensweite-buildprozesse-eine-vision-rckt-in-greifbare-nhe/). Clipart Illustration of a White Character Construction Worker Wearing A Hard Hat And Vest, Standing With A Pickaxe And Shovel

In collaboration with the Rangers we are considering a build quick reference poster as part of the VS 2010 Quick Reference Guidance, which includes this Build Suite, and have requested AIT to deliver a step-step walkthrough to make this “free” nugget an invaluable asset to the power and standard users of TFS 2010.

Take a look at the referenced blog post9s), download  and evaluate this nugget!

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