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Visual Studio 2010 Architecture Guidance … have you got questions we can / should be answering?

Visual Studio 2010 Architecture Guidance … have you got questions we can / should be answering?

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Late last year we started the Visual Studio 2010 Architecture Guidance project … probably the worst time as December is a very inactive month with everyone enjoying a well deserved break and January  being a very active month to re-start initiatives, thus having little time and bandwidth for these kind of projects. Nevertheless the team has ensured that the guidance project is picking up momentum and recently released a DRAFT of the core scenarios to the Rangers for comment and are hard at work on a BETA release for the core scenarios and a DRAFT release for the imageextensibility and Hands-on-lab (HOL) scenarios.

As soon as the BETA content is available I will start sharing some of the nuggets on this blog, to ensure that “you” can get value and “we” can get “your” feedback :)

>>>>>> In the meantime we would really appreciate if you could add comments to this post or contact me directly in terms of questions you would like us to answer in the questions & answers document, which will accompany the core scenario and extensibility scenario guidance documents. While the scenario train is steaming on well-defined tracks, we have room to manoeuvre in the questions & answers document and probably in the hands-on-lab (HOL) environments as well. So, sharpen your pencils, dust off your keyboards and send us your comments!

The snapshots of the leads who are driving this project are included below to give this project a face, or rather faces :) When we ship, we will obviously expand this gallery to all contributors and reviewers …

Clemens Reijnen Clementino de Mendonça Francisco_Xavier_Fagas_Albarracín Larry Guger Marcel Vries RandyMiller Willy-Peter Schaub

The leads from left to right are: Clemens Reijnen (MVP), Clementino de Mendonça, Francisco Xavier Fagas Albarracín (MVP), Larry Guger (MVP), Marcel Vries (MVP), RandyMiller (MSFT) and Willy-Peter Schaub (MSFT).

  • Be useful if the link worked...

    ... still...

    Could do with a diagram with reference architecture, so that we can plan in advance for deployment via a migration upgrade from TFS2008 hosted on Win2k3/SQLServer2k5 to TFS2010/Win2k8/SQLServer2k8...

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