We cannot talk about the content covered at the Microsoft internal technology event, but we can share some of the photographs we made to give you a peek into Seattle and the event.

Day 1 – Focus was on the first wave of Rangers sessions

Refer to What do you get when you throw a large number of developers in a room? for the pictures taken at the UnKeynote session.

P3220181 P3220178 P3220179 P3220180

Day 2 – Chuck, his team of colleagues and the hats kept us mesmerised most of the day

P3230185 P3230183 P3230184

Day 3 – Preparing for Day 4 and chatting at the Ask the Experts

image … I could not resist buying this book for the TFS Integration Platform session, because anyone doing a migration in a large development environment, will probably have to deal with a lot of unhappy people. Any migration or synchronization initiative will impact a productive environment … however, the book was really cool when I browsed through it and was well received at the session as a prize :)
P3250192 P3250191

Day 4 – The last for me … after a huge wave of Rangers sessions, I am on my way back home :)

P3260169 P3260170 P3260171 P3260172

Goodbye Seattle

… see you at the next event?!?