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TFS Projects Best Practices (ACV) … Which Epics should we be considering for this likely new project?

TFS Projects Best Practices (ACV) … Which Epics should we be considering for this likely new project?

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One of the “possible” new Ranger projects is currently known as TFS Projects Best Practices.

When the project idea was nominated by Francisco Fagas the following description was defined: “CLIPART_OF_15054_SMJPGGuidance about best practices of how to structure team project collections and projects depending on some common scenarios as a strategic of implementation of TFS, for example how to structure TFS team projects and collections for simple projects: 1 project 1 deliverable, 1 company multiple deliverable, 1 company multiple projects, etc.

At this stage we have defined three high-level Epics:

  1. As Dave (TFS Administrator) I want to understand how to structure Team Project Collections (TPC) within my organization.
  2. As Dave (TFS Administrator) I want to understand how to structure Team Projects (TP), Areas and Collections within my Team Project Collections.
  3. As Dave (TFS Administrator) I want to understand the implications of large projects and a mix of internal and external development teams on TPC and TP planning.

The project would be in a symbiotic relationship with the Visual Studio 2010 Quick Reference Guidance project, which is heading for a possible maintenance upgrade as well.

Cape Vulture ... in case you are wondering about ACV … African Cape Vulture, living at http://birdsofprey.co.za/

Your candid feedback would be appreciated in terms of the proposed Epics. Either suggest a change to one of the Epics or propose one or more alternative Epics. The only constraint we have is that we are limited to a maximum of three Epics at this stage.

  • TFS Security Best Practices would be most interesting in Version Control and Area Path\Iterations in Team Projects.

  • That´s a great project.

    It would be great to provide some guidance on backup strategies and disaster recovery.

    Another interesting point would be how to define some performance baseline so I can monitor my TFS instances.

  • A critical and long lasting policy is the question of when to create a new Team Project. I know there are many different positions on this. I think it would be great to set out some clear criteria that will help user make the best decision for their organization.

  • As Willy suggested I add my questions here:

    In short words:

    How to deal with TeamProjects, SourceControl and WorkItems at a long time continously developed product. While WorkItem configuration could change from time to time. How to avoid conflicts with "old" WorkItems.

    In long words (And also possible solutions):


    I would be very happy if you could share your input on that.

    Thanks and all the best,


  • Drew, Daniel, Bob and Schrammm, thanks for your feedback. We will include these ideas in our planning :)

  • As a team lead over a team project, I want to understand who would normally be given team project administrator role.

    Should only TFS admin have team project admin role or should team/technical lead or designee have team project admin role?  What's the best practice?  Any documentation?

  • Dale, I will add your ideas to our backlog. We have shipped the panning guide v1 (vsarplanningguide.codeplex.com) and are currently working on disaster recovery.

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