The AIT TeamSystemPro Team has released a new version of our AIT Dependency Manager on VS Gallery:


The latest release includes the following features:

  • Free Visual Studio 2010 extension
  • IntelliSense-Support for Xml-dependency definitions
  • SourceControl provider: Map source control paths to workspace
  • Build Result provider: Build Status and Quality and file filter support
  • File share provider: file filter (IncludeFilter)
  • MSBuild support: MSBuild Task for calling Get Dependencies during local and central build
  • Not technology specific (supports managed code as well as native C++)
  • User Documentation

Changes in Version 1.0.1201.2200:

  • Support for RelativeOutputPath setting in SourceControl provider
  • Fix bug with output window focus in VSIX plugin
  • Added documentation menu item (“User Help”)

Contributors: Michael Ring and Sven Hubert