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Rex Tang drives ALM Ranger guidance localization in Japan!

Rex Tang drives ALM Ranger guidance localization in Japan!

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The Japanese community, under the mentorship of Rex Tang (湯川 智彦) have started with the localization of ALM Ranger solutions that are key to their region.

File:Flag of Japan.svg

Latest releases:

Phenomenal effort and an immense boost for the ALM Rangers and their value-add guidance in Japan. Well done and thank you!

According to Rex Tang … “this is just a start for Rangers localization content, and we are planning on localize VS2012 contents too, stay tuned. Candid feedback is welcome

You can view and participate in the poll Random Poll - Visual Studio ALM Ranger Guide Localization to raise your voice for future efforts.

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    I wish to find out whether I can customize TFS 2010 in Japanese for a Japanese client? What are the challenges that we face when implementing TFS in Japanese?

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