This blog post pulls together all the Quick Response Solutions from the Visual Studio ALM Rangers. For more information on the Quick Response model, please refer to ALM Ranger solution types and a practical walkthrough of the Quick Response concept (Part 2).

Last updated: 2012-12-05

ALM Rangers Quick Response Solution


Community / Partner Extensions

Need for a command line utility, such as TFSSecurity.exe , to add Teams and Team members to a Team Project

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Need to implement a consistent branching model as part of team project or team creation process, that complies with the VS TFS Branching and Merging Guide.



  • MyHistory Extension
In the June 2013 edition of MSDN Magazine Michael Fourie covers some of the internals of Team Explorer 2012 and how you can extend it. The article can be found here – Extending Visual Studio Team Explorer 2012.


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