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Who are youimage

I am a user experience developer consultant in Microsoft’s Solution Development team. I have always enjoyed art and design since I was about 4years old and it all began when I started creating portraits at the age of 6. My love for information technology first started when I was completing my A Levels in IT, and that’s when I knew that I could mix both my love for design and IT together. From there, I moved onto exploring how people use and work with information technology from all ages. Being a creative person, I also love to dance. I am a traditional Indian dancer, and have done many performances at big venues such as the Millennium Dome now known as the O2 centre.

What makes you “tick”

Making someone’s live ‘that much more’ easier in a solution or software.

Where do you live:

I live in rainy London. It is actually true what they say… it rains pretty much 70% of the time – well it definitely feels like it.

Where is the place you call home

Definitely my parents’ home. Nothing like home.

Why are you active in the ranger’s program

The rangers program gives me the opportunity to share and to learn more about application lifecycle management. It also gives me the opportunity to meet new people and to reach out to others not only in Microsoft, but those outside – we are a great community.

What is the best rangers project you worked on and why

I joined the Rangers program late in 2012, so I am still in my early days. But so far, I have worked on the ALM Treasure Map project, which has been brilliant. Being the UX’er in the team, I have been able to give my views on why some things would work better in a certain way than others. I am definitely looking forward to the future projects that I will definitely be taking part in.