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Another great “back to the future” song from South-Africa :)

Another great “back to the future” song from South-Africa :)

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I enjoy supporting image talent, in this case ex-school colleagues from our oldest son Alexander. Special memories image!

In the take some time to listen to a great song by the the Illustrators post I asked you to enjoy the song NoteLove, which featured some interesting hardware from ages back…

The band just released their next single, which really brings back memories from the 70’s and 80’s … enjoy listening to NoteYoung Kings and watching the images … the Star fighter was “the” plane in the days I was as young as my sons are today. I also remember watching Bruce run the Comrades Marathon on real TVs … the ones that have that huge box behind the screen Smile

  • I literally cracked up when I noticed the Walkman ... now that was a cool device in its time :)

  • Memory Lane

  • Hahaha. Thanks for sharing. I put in a bit of my childhood into this.

    Those were the days. I wonder how many kids have seen a walkman

    or VHS in real life :P

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