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Welcome to Windows Azure Tech Support Team Blog

Welcome to Windows Azure Tech Support Team Blog

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Hi, Welcome to here! This blog is hosted by Windows Azure Tech Support Team , and we'll provide tech support of Windows Azure, SQL Azure, AppFabric and everything related.

Our team is composed of experienced Windows Azure support engineers who are full of passion to provide you the most useful Windows Azure support information and solutions with patience.

Please feel free to leave comments if you have any problems with Windows Azure, we'll give you a quick response for sure.

You can contact us by email to # with @)



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  • I can not send email to

  • Hi,

    The contact email was updated. Please send email to

  • <a href=" ">Microsoft Windows Technical Support</a>

    sounds great...

  • Hi,

      We are using MS Azure Cloud in our product to store the blob/cloudBlockBlob and quite frequently we are facing issues with downloading the BlockBlob. It is throwing error "Blob hash mismatch (integrity check failed), Expected value is tMwfi1IU14q05dzmj2ku1Q==, retrieved A0K0QoaEX2dH1pur/dFzVA==."

    We need provide new Azure Java SDK to customer.With this blocker we are getting stuck. Could you please help us moving forward with this.

    Note : We aee using http protocol.

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