December, 2008

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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    What’s New in Security Update Servicing

    By now you’ve probably seen that the Service Pack 3 update for Windows XP Embedded has released. Additionally for those of you who have purchased Windows Embedded Standard 2009, you should be receiving, or have already received, the Standard software.

    Beginning with the December, 2008 Security updates, servicing for both of these products will commence. To support Service Pack 3 and Standard servicing, you will notice a couple of changes to the security update download. For the past couple of years, we have been shipping a CD .iso image containing the Security updates. Beginning December, 2008, the Security updates will be shipped as a DVD .iso image.

    Also beginning with the December, 2008 Security updates, you will see a change to the disk structure. At the top level, there will be a directory for each product line. Within that top level directory will be a sub-directory structure for each of that product’s versions currently in support:


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