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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Image Builder Wizard – Quick and Easy Embedded OS Creation – Part 1

    * Updated Boot from USB section 10/5/09 

    With the next version of Windows Embedded Standard, we’ve focused heavily on making it as easy as possible to create the embedded operating system for your device.

    As mentioned in a previous blog article, the Windows Embedded Standard 2011 “Quebec” toolset is broken up into two main components: Image Configuration Editor (ICE) and Image Builder Wizard (IBW). ICE is the equivalent of your Target Designer experience in Windows Embedded Standard 2009. IBW is a new development experience that is designed to be extremely simple. With IBW, you can quickly and easily create an embedded OS for your device. With ICE, the development experience is slightly more time consuming, but you have the full flexibility to customize the OS to your heart’s content.


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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Introduction to the Windows Embedded Standard 2011 Toolkit

    The toolkit for Windows 7-based Windows Embedded Standard 2011 (formerly code-named “Quebec”) comes with two components: Image Builder Wizard (IBW) and Image Configuration Editor (ICE). IBW provides a simplified interface to allow for quick and easy creation and prototyping of images. ICE contains more advanced options for editing configurations in greater detail.

    Image Builder Wizard

    IBW is based on Windows Setup, which is used to install both client and server Windows. IBW supports both “attended” and “unattended” installations. “Attended” refers to using the actual wizard to design and build an embedded runtime, while an “unattended” install is one which uses either an answer file created in ICE or a previously created WIM.


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